My Crusade

I like to consider myself to be on a 'crusade' to help as many families as I can to get out of their financial burden.

Coming from a childhood where our family was not financially sound, which later ended up to be the breakup of our family and health problems for some in our family, I know what it feels like to be in that financial trap. So I'm trying to do what I can to educate those around me to take their financial situations into their own hands and help themselves with simple concepts and strategies that nobody has really taught us; unless you're in the wealthy top 10% of the population, that is.

We all know the old expression, "the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer". This is not a far off comment. The reason the rich get richer is because they teach their kids and grandkids about how money works and how to make money work for them. This is because the big investment firms have taught them that. Having said that, the poor just keep getting poorer because they don't have this education. Chances are if a person has grown up in a home where being 'poor' and always in debt is normal, then that person will inevitably grow up to live that same sort of lifestyle. This is due to the lack of education given to us by the 'traditional industry'.

Having worked in a bank for almost 6 years I pretty much know all the ins and outs and what the intentions really are. Banking officers are trained to push products and aren't really encouraged to educate clients (because the banks know if the clients are educated, that they'll take their money out and do something smart with it). You can't really blame the banking officers though, they're placed with goals and totals that they have to meet, and are pressured by the banks to sell products to clients; what sometimes happens is that they're so desperate to reach their goals, they will push a product on a client even if that client doesn't need it. This is the 'traditional industry'.

I'm in the strong belief that what people really need is education, not just another salesperson knocking at their door. I'm not putting salespeople down, but the most effective ones are the ones who actually educate their clients -- and this only represents a small percentage of them. Let's start a new culture of proper money management, so our children can learn from us, and their children from them. The banks and other investment/insurance companies have not done their job and have caused people to lose trust and faith in the industry. I hope to bring some of that faith back.

I hope you all get some good 'golden nuggets' of information from here and I will try my hardest to use an un-biased approach to my posts. You can view all topics discussed by click on the links under "Topics". You can also search for specific topics by typing the topic name into the Search Field at the top right side of the menu.

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I hope you enjoy!